Kim Kardashian West skims over body taping territory

This article was originally published here on _Shift London

Kim Kardashian West is known for many things: being a wonderful mother, an aspiring lawyer, and owner to possibly the most bootylicious body in Calabasas. Her wardrobe is a trove of curvy shape thanks to bodycon dresses and enough latex looks for every day of the year. But just how does she hold it all in?

With a figure so voluptuous it’s not a surprise that she broke the internet on a butt-baring magazine cover. Then, at the 2019 Met Gala, the entrepreneur donned a Thierry Mugler wet-look dress so tight that it seemed to permeate her skin. After staying put in a plunge corset that daring, we’ve all been itching to know her modesty secrets – until now.

For its latest release, Kardashian West’s shapewear brand, SKIMS, has answered our skin-sculpting prayers. All in the name of tit tape and neutral-toned nipple pasties. Unlike other labels that offer painfully sticky gaffer tapes in single shades, Kardashian West gives us a self-tested solution. Perfecting her styling kit essentials over a whole decade, her creations cross functionality with comfort – something that lacked in the previous market. These adhesive products have been influenced by personal experience; years of brave v-necks and uncomfortable DIY tape-jobs on the red carpet.  

Image courtesy of SKIMS Solutionwear via

Speaking to Forbes, Kardashian West hopes that the adhesives – released today on November 14 – can stick with the popularity of her existing ranges: “I wanted SKIMS to deliver a product that I myself would wear on an everyday basis and I am so proud of every single piece that we have created.”

The SKIMS brand launched in June 2019 under the name of Kimono, as a go-to for inclusive shapewear. It was met with cultural backlash as the label failed to represent Japanese tradition despite its name, and thus saw the hashtag #KimOhNo take rise across social media. After a swift rebrand in August, Kardashian West had soon turned SKIMS into a prosperous empire, with half a million unique users tuning into the site’s launch and orders racking up to tens of thousands within minutes. 

Accessible pricing and a broad sizing spectrum, from XXS up to 4X, has given the brand firm grounding in the women’s undergarment industry. Being one of the first brands to make asymmetric bras and one-legged shorts for slit skirts, innovation is truly at the forefront of SKIMS.

Image courtesy of SKIMS Solutionwear via

Following seamless success with cotton undergarments and stronghold shapewear, her new venture is built for the times where bras are made redundant. We’re talking strapless, full-frontal cleavage, and under-boob situations. The new tape will strap your body into shape under tight clothes while nipple covers are a saviour below sheer tops. 

Shoppable in three shades, the soft yet stretchy tape rolls retail at $36 each (£28) for 45ft. A worthy price to pay for retaining one’s decency. Not to mention being both sweat and waterproof, the strips can tolerate up to 12 hours of wear. Additionally, nipple covers, in a boob-lifting teardrop shape, will be sold in packs of five at $12 (£9). They, too, will feature in the same colour trio: Sandstone, Tiger’s Eye and Smokey Quartz. While the shade choices are limited in comparison to Skims garments – with nine colour ways – the tape size is universal for all women. 

Taking to Instagram stories, Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) gave fans a tutorial on wearing the body bandages. She applied the product to a model, advising that a 16-inch strip offers a good level of hold. Once a piece has been cut, simply peel off the back label and apply to the body where lift is required. “It’s something that I’ve used for so many years. I would use gaffers tape and shipping tape and it would burn me and rip me.”

Skims take pride in the product’s painless, easy-peel removal. In terms of overall fit, both the strips and pasties can be cut down to a desired measurement: “If your nipple is half the size they’re really easy to trim,” Kardashian West says on Instagram. 

This lady means business: the adhesives follow the release of her latest perfume range, KKW Fragrance, and teasers of a new KKW Beauty collab with Makeup by Mario. It doesn’t stop there – Kardashian West also debuted a SKIMS ribbed bra in production via her Instagram story on November 13. But fans are most excited for the nipple accessories.

“This material is amazing,” Kardashian West continues. “Because once you put this on your nipple — there’s a little padding here — you cannot see this through anything. This little tier drop gives this mini boob lift effect without going as hardcore as the tape might be.”

Now you can banish any fears of flashing in the club – leave that to the strobe lights – or having your dress ride its way into the nether regions at work’s festive party. Dressing nightmares before Christmas, be gone!

Shop the SKIMS Solutionwear adhesive body tape and nipple covers at


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